Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Third Person

Soooo many times I see artists on Etsy (and beyond) write biographies about themselves in the Third Person. Somewhere in there they throw in a "She also doesn't like writing about herself in the Third Person."

Somehow you've grown up believing that writing about yourself needs to be Third Person in order to sound professional. After all, when you see art gallery biographies, they're not written in the First Person, therefore that's what you must do as well-- to be professional.

I'll share a secret: You're selling your stuff online. You own a business. You're confident in your work, your photos, your descriptions, etc. You are professional, regardless of your writing style.

Plus most people who shop for handmade items are looking to connect with the creator of said item. When you write in the Third Person, you're removing yourself from your work, from your shop, and ultimately from your customers. Art galleries represent people. Writing in the third person makes a little bit more sense. The artist isn't there to say, "I did this," but the gallery owner can say, "What's-her-butt did this!" On Etsy, you represent yourself. It makes no sense & lessens the experience for the buyer if you tout yourself as being someone other than yourself. Go ahead and say, "I did this!" We want to know that you did!

Think about how ridonkulous it would be if I wrote this blog in the Third Person. Lame.

Moral of the story: if you don't like writing about yourself in the third person-- don't.